What to Wear to the Next Insta-lation

From the Color Factory and Museum of Ice Cream to 29 Rooms these installations are meant to be experienced... and photographed. Call it what you will, a by-product of the selfie-obsessed Millennial generation, interactive art or just a unique way to spend a Saturday in the city, half the fun is dressing the part. On that note we’ve pulled together a guide to what to wear by exhibit. 

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An interactive experience that is composed of 29 different artist created themed rooms, self-described as a "kaleidoscopic playground of light, color, and thought-provoking art installations."

The Vibe: Gallery meets Street Style

What to Wear: Embrace the opportunity to play with street-style influenced trends and showcase your own personal style. We love the idea of graphic prints, singular bold hues, and unexpected elements like a colorful faux fur jacket or tulle socks.

The Color Factory

A playful experience with a series of spaces in a rainbow of hues. The San Francisco exhibit featured a colorful ribbon installation with multicolored ribbons hanging down from the ceiling to an oversized game of lightbright to a sea of yellow ball pit balls. We can't wait to see what they have in store in New York. The overall experience encourages you to embrace your inner child and just have fun.

The Vibe: Color, Color, and More Color

What to Wear: You can go with a literal rainbow of stripes or choose one bold color and wear it proudly. Either way, it's sure to make an impact.

Museum of Ice Cream

An experience dedicated to the cold and creamy treat, the Museum of Ice Cream has exhibits ranging from a "gummy garden" with rolling hills dotted with child-sized gummy bears, a "sprinkle pool" and a wall that walks you through the history of ice cream. Every stop includes a sweet treat so be sure to pace yourself or prepare for a major sugar rush. 

The Vibe: Quirky and Playful 

What to Wear: You can get literal with an ice cream inspired motif (we're especially fond of the Betsey Johnson cherry purse) or play off the theme with sweet sorbet shades.


Touted as "an outrageously interactive candy wonderland" Candytopia doesn't pretend to be a highbrow gallery-like experience. Instead, it goes all in with the over the top displays and embraces all things sugar. 

The Vibe: Think Katy Perry in California Gurls

What to Wear: Embrace the kitsch. Combine candy colors and a more-is-more attitude for a quirky over the top look.