Unique Push Presents We’d Love to Get

Unique Push Presents We’d Love to Get | Design Confetti

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Commemorate your child's birth (or show some appreciation for the one birthing your child) with these unique push presents.

1. Mama Denim Jacket, Ingrid & Isabel, $128 (restocking in August)

Embrace your new moniker in style with the Mama Jacket from Ingrid & Isabel.

2. Macaw Double Solid Linen Ring Sling, Wildbird, $99.95

For a gift that brings you and your babe together, keep your little bird close with this lovely linen sling.  

3. Constellation Necklace, Envero, $585

Choose one of these astronomical tokens of the stars your little arrival was born under.

4. Bells of Ireland Ring, Melanie Casey, $460

Choose a design centered around your new arrivals birthstone; we’re partial to the mini cluster rings.

5. The Coco Rose Luxe Hydration Trio, Herbivore Botanicals, $39

Soothe and hydrate with this gift set from natural bath line, herbivore botanicals.  

6. Gold Botanical Healing Serum, Monastery Made, $136

Regain your glow with this gentle face oil packed with healing properties and an indulgent scent.

7. Clip Down Nursing Nightgown And Robe Set, Motherhood Maternity, $49.98

You’re about to spend a whole lot of time snuggled up with your newborn, do it in comfort and style with this pretty robe and nursing friendly nightgown set.

8. Dollhouse Locket Gold. Catbird NYC, $168

What could be sweeter than a locket adorned with your babe’s initial that contains a tiny photo?  

9. The Julien Leather Set, Leader Bag Co, $295

Since you’ll be toting it everywhere for the next few years, splurge a bit and level up to this stylish diaper backpack for Leader Bag Co that’s equal parts form and function.