#OneRoomChallenge, Week Three: Color Palette + A Baby Friendly #Shelfie

shelvesrs.jpg#OneRoomChallenge, Week Three: How to Style Baby Friendly Shelves + Color Palette | Design Confetti

When my first became mobile, we quickly learned that nothing within her reach was safe, and as she grew so did her ability to access things. Shelf by shelf, surfaces were cleared of fragile items, anything that could potentially injure her and of heavy objects that she could pull onto her head, which left my once carefully styled shelves with just the right mix of object de art and books... decidedly bare. Slowly but surely we’ve been able to both reintegrate some items as she gets a little older and has found safe baby options to fill the shelves with instead. Since the bookshelves are going to double as storage with baskets serving as dresser drawers for all things baby, there’s only half as much space to style this time around. Here are a few of our favorite solutions:

Blankets: a pretty pile of blankets is both practical and baby safe, plus my toddler loves that she can pull these out herself for building blanket forts. 

Wooden vases: make sure you opt for ones that are not too heavy and don't have any sharp edges. Wooden vases bring an organic, handmade feel and we love to fill them with dried botanicals like eucalyptus branches.  

Magazines: I have so many of these right now! I may have gone a little crazy with Amazon's $1 prime day deals on subscriptions when I was trying to pass the time while on bedrest. Stored vertically in pretty holders with coordinating spines facing out they look clean plus they aren't too precious if baby does happen to get ahold of them and decides to make some DIY confetti. 

Baskets: yes, I know this is an obvious one, but baskets are a great lightweight option that can create extra storage or be pretty enough to display on their own as with these colorful woven African ones.  

#OneRoomChallenge, Week Three: How to Style Baby Friendly Shelves + Color Palette | Design Confetti

Finally, we've settled on a color scheme for space; it's long been strictly neutral which I love for a space made for relaxing, decorated in shades of beige, white, and brown. I didn't want to steer too far from this but decided to mix things up with some contrasting shades. We're integrating a lot of deep blues and some darker grey with subtle blush and mint accents to create deeper contrast and keep the balance of masculine and feminine in the space and are even introducing in a few black accessories (something I honestly never do.) If you want even more of a peek behind the scenes, you can follow along with us on social. We’re doing a few polls and some behind the scenes over on our Instagram stories, and you can find our inspiration board over on Pinterest.

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