#OneRoomChallenge,Week Two: Our Baby Gear Essentials and Some Smart Storage

#OneRoomChallenge,Week Two: Our Baby Gear Essentials and Some Smart Storage | Design Confetti

This time around while shopping for the baby I had a good idea of what I did, and did not want having been through this before, and knowing that anything we purchased would have to be integrated into our room I was a bit more selective when it came to finding pieces with an unobtrusive, modern design. The downside to all this? When it comes to attractive baby gear, the market is small, and the prices are high. Luckily having way to much time on my hands to aimlessly scroll the internet while on bedrest I was able to pick up the majority of these pieces gently used from my local mom's group's classifieds and a few Facebook BST groups often at half the original price or more. Here's what I ended up going with. 

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#OneRoomChallenge,Week Two: Our Baby Gear Essentials and Some Smart Storage | Design Confetti

The Keekaroo Peanut: our dresser has long since doubled as a tv stand so to save space we moved the TV to the area above the bookshelves on one side and placed the Peanut on the dresser instead. It’s a perfect fit for the surface, requires no covers as it wipes down easily and doesn't slip around. We cleared one of the top dresser drawers so we could store diapering essentials out of sight.

Ubbi Diaper Pail: this slim white diaper pail virtually disappears when tucked into the space beside the dresser/changing station and even more importantly, having used one in my daughter's nursery previously, it does an excellent job containing smells and is constructed of steel instead of plastic, so it doesn't start to take on odors itself.

#OneRoomChallenge,Week Two: Our Baby Gear Essentials and Some Smart Storage | Design Confetti

Snoo Basinetthis smart bassinet is the priciest item on our list (luckily I scored it at over half off), but the promise of improved sleep was a major motivating factor, especially after our experience with our first who earned herself the moniker: she-who-does-not-sleep. It also happens to be much more attractive than many of its counterparts with its combination of a walnut and white mesh top with midcentury-inspired hairpin legs. 

Nanit Baby Monitor: sleek and unobtrusive in a glossy white the Nanit promised to log your babies sleep for you, as well as providing a crisp image and secure, iPhone access to the live stream. 

Little Nomad Tiles: while we may not be pulling these out until a little later, we upgraded to Little Nomad’s stylish tiles with our first baby after a few months of the classic, colorful alphabet mats invading our otherwise neutral room. 

#OneRoomChallenge,Week Two: Our Baby Gear Essentials and Some Smart Storage | Design Confetti

For storage, we picked up these natural woven baskets in two sizes, the rectangle and cubes, perfectly scaled to fit our existing bookshelves and use them like dresser drawers. They're filled with all the baby essentials from clothing sorted by size to swaddle's, burp cloths, shoes, accessories, and toys. 

For the things we won't be needing immediately like clothing in larger sizes (we got a ton of fantastic hand me downs) we needed something that would fit under the bed. The catch was that our bed frame has lower than typical clearance so after a bit of research I opted for these under-bed storage bags from the Container Store. The soft sides allow them to squish down a bit and easily slide underneath.

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