Holiday Gift Guides: The Tech Obsessed

With the after thanksgiving sales officially kicking off holiday shopping season we’re bringing you our series of gift guides for everyone on your list. We’ve rounded up pieces we would personally want to give and receive- organized by interest, so whatever your recipient is into, be it cooking, traveling or crafting, you can pick up something they’ll love.

Does your recipient know everything about the latest device, before if it’s released? Or do they spend their free time dreaming up the next big thing themselves? Is so they might be the “Tech Obsessed.” With devices that do everything from keeping your coffee hot until the last drop to helping you find your keys we’ve rounded up gifts even the most tech-savvy will love.

Holiday Gift Guides: The Tech Obsessed | Design Confetti

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01. Ember Ceramic Mug, $79.95, Ember

This company has found a way to solve the age-old problem of coffee that is cold before you have a chance to take a sip (the rue of overtired parents everywhere) with this smart ceramic mug that keeps your cafe at a consistent temperature no matter how long it takes you to get to.

02. Tile Combo Pack, $75, Amazon

“I lost my keys,” is an excuse so ubiquitous that it’s second only to, “Traffic.” because, let’s face it, we’ve all been there. With the tile tracker you will no longer be late to the party because your keys are only a “ping” away (along with your phone, the remote and anything else you might habitually misplace.)

03. Native Union Wireless Charger, $60, Amazon

This simple, stylish drop charger means never fumbling around in the dark attempting to plug in your phone again, and the lightning-fast speed means that should you forget to set it on the dock overnight you’ll be back up and running in no time.

04. Samsung 43” Frame TV, $1,297, Amazon (frame sold separately)

Interior designers have forever been attempting to disguise the design black hole that is the TV, taking measures from obscuring it behind closed cabinet doors to integrating it into a gallery wall (where it still looks like a black hole- I’ve tried it). The Frame solves the issue neatly with a television that hides in plain sight, morphing into a framed masterpiece when switched into art mode. With virtually limitless artwork options to choose from it makes mixing up your wall art a snap as well.

05. Sonos Beam, $399, Amazon

Long popular for their Soundbar as the ultimate, sleek entertainment system upgrade the Beam takes things to the next level by smartly integrating with your TV. Not only will it deliver on sound (without being an eyesore) but it will allow you to ditch the remote.

06. Walnut Digital Picture Frame, $399, Bloomingdales

This stylish walnut and brass digital picture frame stands out on the shelf (in a good way) and keeps family members connected with the ability to upload and share images within the app. This means photos can go from your phone to grandma’s living room within moments of snapping the picture.

07. Philips Wake Up Light, $50, Amazon

While there isn’t much you can do to make a not-a-morning person into a morning person, aside from a hot cup of coffee (see: Ember) the Wake-Up light has set out to make the transition a bit easier. The clock mimics the rising sun using your body's natural cues to gently wake you up.

08. Dyson Airwrap, $549, Dyson

Hair tools have functioned in a similar fashion since they first came onto the scene: apply heat (damaging the strands) and let cool and set. It’s been this way for so long that when Dyson announced they were dropping a new product in hair virtually no one could figure out what it might be. The resulting product which uses air to style is mesmerizing to watch, and equally impressive are the results: creating bouncy hair that looks like it came directly from a professional blowout.

09. Mirror Home Gym, $1,495, Mirror

Finding fitness gear that fits into your space can be a challenge, finding stylish gear that fits into your space is even more challenging… the only thing tougher? Actually making it to the gym. The mirror uses the unique combination of a mirror surface- allowing you to keep an eye on your form, and an LCD screen which enables you to participate in trainer-led classes both in real time and on demand. With the included heart rate monitor it measures your vitals as you go, further keeping your workout on track.