Holiday Gift Guides: The Maker

With the after thanksgiving sales officially kicking off holiday shopping season we’re bringing you our series of gift guides for everyone on your list. We’ve rounded up pieces we would personally want to give and receive- organized by interest, so whatever your recipient is into, be it cooking, traveling or crafting, you can pick up something they’ll love.

If they’ve been known to pick up knitting, macrame or weaving as something to kill the time while binging on their favorite show, or you walk into their home and hear, “Oh that? I made it.” every couple of feet, you may be shopping for, “The Maker.” We’ve picked our favorite pieces at every price point from a set of gilded watercolors infused with real Mica powder to the latest iteration of the Circuit which you can now use to cut fabric- opening up a whole new range of possibilities. Read on for all of our top picks.

Holiday Gift Guides: The Maker | Design Confetti

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01. Finetec Metallic Watercolors, $27, Amazon

Metallic watercolors are perfect for bringing a bit of shimmer to a painting, if that isn’t your thing, you can also use these beauties for brush lettering or adding the Midas touch to your latest DIY creation.  

02. A Big Important Art Book (Now With Women), $25, Amazon

The Jealous Curator has long been the go to for discovering new talent by stepping outside the “white box” to bring her gallerists eye to the web and with her recent book she manages to do something most institutions have fallen short on: representing female artists (instead of just female subjects).   

03. Beginner Carving Kit, $89, Melanie Abrantes

Oakland based woodworker Melanie Abrantes quite literally wrote the book on hand carving and with her curated set of tools you have everything you need to get started, including the bandaid.

04. Wacom Cintiq Pro 13, $796, Amazon

This compact tablet from Wacom lets you create your digital masterpiece directly on the HD full color touch screen at a fraction of the price of larger models.

05. Framebridge Custom Framing, $39+, Framebridge

Pick up a giftcard from Framebridge allowing them have their latest masterpiece elevated with custom framing. They can frame a range of items beyond just works on paper.

06. Tombow Dual Brush Pens, $25, Amazon

These dual sided pens are perfectly suited for hand lettering and have a short learning curve. Even better, they come in nearly every shade imaginable. 

07. Smock Dress, $190, GDS Cloth Goods

 Consider this the grown up version of the oversized smock you donned as a child. Roomy and sturdy with perfectly proportioned pockets, you’ll be more apt to throw it on and keep your clothes clean.

08. The Allison Portfolio, $140, Bull and Stash

What makes this handsome notebook unique is the refill options, select the paper according to your needs or mix and match to make your ultimate companion notebook, with options ranging from blank pages, to lined, or grid you can use it to sketch, take notes and make technical drawings all in one place.

09. Cricut Maker, $399, Cricut

The latest iteration of the Cricut is a game changer. It cuts more materials that ever before including leather and fabric making it the perfect companion for the aspiring seamstress.