Holiday Gift Guides: The Creature of Comfort

With the after Thanksgiving sales officially kicking off holiday shopping season we’re bringing you our series of gift guides for everyone on your list. We’ve rounded up pieces we would personally want to give and receive- organized by interest, so whatever your recipient is into, be it cooking, traveling or crafting, you can pick up something they’ll love.

Staying in is the new going out, and with the holidays season in full swing, if you recipient would rather skip the festivities to cozy up at home, they might be a creature of comfort. We’ve selected some of our favorite items for self-care that will make a night in feel like a special occasion: from slippers so pretty you can wear them out to a journal set that is perfect for documenting your “five year plan” even if your plan mostly consists of finding the time to catch up on your favorite show.

Holiday Gift Guides: The Creature of Comfort | Design Confetti

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01. Lavender Black Tea, $5+, Tea People

We were turned onto Tea People when we realized that it was served at some of our favorite cafes and boba shops in the city. Luckily you can buy it direct, so you don’t have to venture out to enjoy a great cup of tea.

02. Fellow Stag Electric Kettle, $149, Sur La Table

A staple of BNB’s everywhere, electric kettles have a sort of stuffy reputation. The Stag bucks this stereotype with its sleek shape, matte black finish and programmable temperature setting which allow you to make brewing your coffee or tea an exact science.

03. Baby Alpaca Throw, $225, St Frank

I picked up one of these blankets at the St Frank store a little over a year ago and find myself reaching for it again and again. It’s the perfect size for lounging on the sofa with yet it’s lightweight enough to pack up for a trip. It’s also incredibly soft, warm and looks great draped over the back of a chair. Virtually everything you could ask of one little throw.

04. Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash, $20, Goop

We already love Nor Cal’s own Bathing Culture for the transport-you-to-a-peaceful-forest scent, but the brand's commitment to an environmentally friendly product and packaging makes us want to buy them a ring.

05. Sea Sponge, $10, Smallflower

Natural sea sponges are a great alternative to a loofa for anyone who loves a good lather, they look beautiful in the shower, are surprisingly soft and dry quickly.

06. The Songbird Slipper, $140, Birdies

It’s hard to believe these bejeweled beauties are actually slippers, that is until you put them on. The luxe flats are designed to be worn indoors or out so you can enjoy being comfortable wherever you are.

07. Five Year Journal , $60, Rife Paper Co

Whether or not you prescribe to the idea of a five-year plan, if you’re an avid journaler (or even just aspire to be one) this beautiful set is the perfect place to jot down your hopes, dreams, and aspiration, or even just what you had for lunch.

08. Linen Sheet Set, $365+, Cultiver

Linen sheets are a gift that stands the test of time as they only get softer and more beautiful with wear. We could also tell you all about how breathable they are and how they naturally regulate your body temperature but in reality, we love that they are the ultimate lazy decor hack- they look fantastic when you don’t make the bed.

09. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, $119, Need Supply

Essential oils are having a major moment: promising to cure what ails you, clean your home and make your fussy baby sleep. We can’t confirm any of those claims but what we do love about them is that they are a great, natural way to make your home smell amazing, and we love how easily we can blend up our own custom scents to fit the mood. This stone diffuser sits beautifully on the shelf, runs quietly and quickly fills the room.