Happy Returns Allows You to Return Your Online Purchases IRL


Shopping online is not only a convenience of modern times, but it's also become something of a necessity. Many stores are starting to function more like showrooms than shops and specialty sizes and departments being moved online only (maternity, for example, is becoming increasingly difficult to find in person.)

The downside to all of this, aside from having to wait for your items to arrive instead of walking out of the store, purchase in hand, is the return process. Often there is a preferred shipping carrier you must return an item to and a short window in which to do so, along with pre-authorization forms and shipping labels to print. The startup Happy Returns is looking to change all this by giving you another option. With the wave of web-based stores without a brick and mortar location to takes your items back to, they are primarily working with online-only companies at this time. Still, we envision a future where you could conveniently bring all of your purchases, no matter where they are from, back to one spot instead of driving around town or queuing up at the local post office on your lunch break. 

At this time they are working with a handful of retailers including brands like Everlane and Rothy's and the process is simple, come in with your item to return, no receipt required, and they will look your order up by email. You also walk out with an instant refund confirmation instead of waiting for the item to be received and processed by the original retailer. 

Check here to see if there is a return bar location near you.


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