Stylish Playmats for Any Space

Playmats that Actually Look Stylish in any Space | Design Confetti

When it comes to baby gear, the humble playmat is something that takes up a lot of real estate in your space and for that reason has a significant visual impact. When we first picked one up it was out of necessity, we had a baby eager to practice her new skills and needed a soft place for her to land, as well as a surface that was easy to wipe clean as our poor (white) rug was seeing more than its fair share of spit up and the like. We purchased the standard colorful puzzle style mat, and after months of staring at it and feeling as though the room no longer resembled the grown-up space it had once been, I set out to find a better option. We ended up going with the Little Nomad playmat (and loving it), but I’ve included all of my favorite finds. Who says you can’t have a space that works for both the adults and the smallest members of your family?

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1. Ruggish, Lulu Play Rug, $200

2. Gathre, Floral Midi, $105

3. Little Nomad, Roam Free Playmat in Mist, $99

4. Tribe West, Mexican Kilim Round, $118

5. Yay! Mats, Extra Large Mat in Blue, $150