These Three Brands Just (Finally) Expanded Their Size Range

These Three Brands Just (Finally) Expanded Their Size Range | Design Confetti

I’m not going to start this piece by quoting you the statistics on what percentage of Americans are not “straight sizes” (hint: it’s well over half). I’m also not going to get on my soapbox about why body positivity and radical self-acceptance are so important. Honestly, I wish that went without saying. What I will say is that throughout my two pregnancies I have gone from clinically underweight during my first trimesters to packing on fifty and sixty pounds respectively, thanks to a combination of hyperemesis and bedrest and that contrary to popular belief the weight does not magically “melt off” once baby makes its appearance. The reason I tell you this is that because no matter what I do or don’t weigh, one: I care no less about fashion and two: I am no less inclined to spend on clothing. In fact, I’m more willing to shell out a bit more on pieces that flatter my shape when I’m on the curvier side. Which leads me to wonder, what took companies so long?

A slew of brands have added or expanded their plus size offerings in recent years from Target to H&M, but in the past few months, three more notables have introduced an extended size range: Jcrew, Anthropologie and Draper James.

Anthropolgie , Garden Party Dress, $240

Anthropolgie, Garden Party Dress, $240

Anthropologie’s expanded line is called APlus, and the range is designed by their team in-house. The pieces feel consistent with the brand as a whole, most are available in straight as well (you can toggle between straight, petite and plus on selected items) and search currently turns up 139 items. Styles range from casual daywear to cocktail dresses, and prices range from $48 for a top to $260 for a silk dress.

If you’re in search of workwear Jcrew’s newly introduced offerings are listed under “special sizes” and run from size 16-20. Beyond office appropriate pieces they also offer swimwear and occasion dresses. A search turned up 120 articles in the 16-20 range with prices ranging from $50 for a top to $625 for a beaded skirt.

Draper James , Sleeveless Love Circle Dress, $125

Draper James, Sleeveless Love Circle Dress, $125

Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James brings the southern charm with polished blouses and dresses. The line is smaller (as is the brand itself) with search turning up 17 items, and prices range from $38 for a tee to $175 for a dress.


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