The Best Ballet Flats Under $200

The Best Ballet Flats Under $200 | Design Confetti

I've been a fan of ballet flats for almost as long as I can remember, they're comfortable but feminine, can be dressed up or down and are easy to slip on and off (especially ideal when you live in a no-shoes household and happen to be pregnant.) I've rounded up what I think are ten of the best options out there, all under $200. From the foldable Yosi Samra which is perfect for tucking in your bag so that you don't end up barefoot on the dance floor at the end of the wedding, to the $20 pair from Target that I own in nearly every color, to Everlane's version that falls in the no-toe cleavage camp. 

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1. Anya Leather Ballet Flats, Jcrew Factory, $39.50

Jcrew ballet flats are timeless and classic, and this version from their Factory line brings them to you at an unbeatable price. 

2. Classics Ballerina Pink, Tieks, $175

Yes, you've seen them all over your Instagram feed and probably wondered if they live up to the hype. Friends who have purchased them swear they stand up to a day of walking around the city sans blisters and we love the variety of colors and finishes they come in.

3. The Classic Saffron, Margaux NY, $185

NY brand Margaux is all about their signature flats, the beautifully constructed shoes come in custom sizing, so you're in luck whether you have narrow or wide feet or are in need of a half size. 

4. Mosaic Leather Ballet Flats, The White Ribbon, $115

This Etsy shop has some of the prettiest and most unique pairs we've come across and their nearly 1,500 reviewers rave about everything from comfort to the customer service.

5. Sam Edelman Women's Felicia Ballet Flat, Amazon, $100

Sam Edelman is one of the only brands that makes heels that you really can wear all day so it should come as no surprise that these soft leather shoes have been compared to wearing slippers.

6. Samara 2.0 Rose Gold Metallic Leather Ballet Flat, Yosi Samra, $98

The original foldable flat these are perfect for tucking in your bag before a night out, and will still leave you looking classy once the heels come off.

7. Laila Driver Ballet Flat, Tory Burch, $198

Pretty and polished, there's a reason that Tory Burch is synonymous with the classic flat.

8. The Day Flat, Everlane, $125

We love this version from Everlane because it reminds up of a pair of toe shoes for a dance-wear inspired look, and if you happen to be toe-cleavage averse this is the perfect full coverage pair for you.

9. Women's Ona Round Toe Ballet Flats, Target, $17

I throw a pair of these in my cart nearly every time I spot a new color at Target, coming in under $20, they're my go-to for when I don't want to ruin my more expensive shoes while adventuring in the city, are easy to wipe clean and hold up surprisingly well for the price.

10. Boden Ballerinas, Boden, $90

British based brand Boden is all about polished style, that is still practical enough to wear while chasing around your kids (their children line also happened to be adorable), and their flats fit perfectly into this ethos.