Shop: The Perfect Tan Leather Sofa

Shop: The Perfect Tan Leather Sofa | Design Confetti

I recently got a question about our little leather couch (it once filled our tiny living room and now fits neatly at the foot of the bed), and it took me back to what a struggle finding the perfect leather sofa was. They can easily skew too masculine, too heavy, too my-library-is-paneled-with-fine-Mahogany... not so with these picks, we love a couch that feels like your favorite leather jacket: soft, supple and only gets better with age. Here are the ones that we're currently crushing on.

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1. Dandy 96" Leather Sofa, Blue Dot, $5,599

Simple and sleek, this piece elevates the traditional leather sofa to something more refined.

2. Cresley Leather Sofa, Urban Outfitters, $2,200

With on-trend, wrapped leather arms and an open, wood-framed back perfect for showing off in the middle of the room, this sofa from dorm room mecca Urban Outfitters, is one of the more budget-friendly pieces to boot.

3. Contour Sofa Leather, Industry West, $3,600

With a seamless, cushion-free profile that curves elegantly and statement oak legs buried in the leather, this piece stands out without dominating the room.

4. Chester Leather Sofa, Article, $1,999

Article reimagines the classic Chesterfield shape with its sleek yet boxy interpretation in the perfect, lighter shade of tan.

5. Forte Channeled Saddle Leather Sofa, CB2, $2,799

The unique channeled design makes this sofa standout, while the extra deep seat invites you to get comfortable and stay a while.

Shop: The Perfect Tan Leather Sofa | Design Confetti

6. Madison Leather Sofa, Cococo Home, $2,599

If you're in search of the perfectly broken in piece that looks worn in all the right places, this is it. We won't tell, if you don't- that this wasn't, in fact, an amazing vintage score.

7. SVEN Leather Sofa, Article, $1,799

This is THE leather sofa you've seen all over Pinterest and with its sleek midcentury-inspired profile and affordable price point it's easy to see why. 

8. Sorensen Leather Sofa, Restoration Hardware, $2,950

Soft, supple and comfortable: this is the sofa currently taking up residence in my bedroom, and I can attest that it has only improved with age. 

9. Box Sofa, Rove Concepts, $2,075

The sleek, wood "box" frame, elevates this sofa to a statement piece.

10. Bonnie 96" Leather Sofa, Blu Dot, $4,199

We love the modern feel of this piece with its understated shape and minimal square steel legs.


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