DIY Beauty: Negative Space Manicure


Prep your nails by removing any existing polish and filing to your desired shape. I also gave mine a quick buffing since they will be visible in the “negative space” portion of the manicure.


Apply your clear polish. I used a base coat for this portion to help the manicure last. Let dry thoroughly.


Mask off your desired shape. I used masking tape for mine, cut into triangles. Washi tape would be a good option as well. You want something that will remove cleanly without taking off your base coat. Press down and smooth to ensure clean edges. 

Next, apply an even coat of polish in your desired color. I went with a deep pink for a contrasting pop of color, but it would look great in a muted neutral as well. 


Finish with a top coat to protect your polish and give it a smooth, glossy finish. 

 Polish used: (c/o Essie) First Base Base Coat, The Fushia is Bright Polish, Speed Setter Topcoat

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