Where to Score an Insta Ready Wreath this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and what better way to usher it in than a beautiful wreath to greet you at the front door. With workshops, delivery options, and a host of local florists to choose from, here are a few top picks to up your wreath game this year. 

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Get it Delivered

Insta Ready Wreaths  | Design Confetti image via Mission de Flores

Choose from modern or more traditional designs with this Mission-based florist’s generously sized wreaths.

$85, Harvest Wreath

Insta Ready Wreaths  | Design Confetti image via Farmgirl Flowers

With their asymmetrical designs that incorporate “bits and pieces” of seasonal goodies, I’ve got a bit of a crush on Farmgirl Flowers’ aesthetic.

$120, Harvest Wreath


Workshop It

Insta Ready Wreaths  | Design Confetti image via Studio Choo

Create a beautiful half moon shaped wreath using non-traditional materials such as succulents and air plants.

$165, on 12/9


Create a lushly layered, naturally scented wreath with this Martha Stewart approved Bay Area florist.

$80, Hosted by Rachel O’Neal on 12/1 & 12/2


Shop Local

Insta Ready Wreaths  | Design Confetti image via Ampersand

The darling of local bloggers for their picture-perfect space, Ampersand is always a safe bet for picking up a beautifully crafted wreath at a price point that leaves room for you to pick up a few blooms as well.


Whether you want to pick up a ready-made option like the one pictured from Pacific Coast Evergreen, or a armful of branches to craft one yourself, the SF Flower Mart has what you need.