The Unexpected Source for Houseplants

The Unexpected Source for Houseplants | Design Confetti

I shop for nearly everything on Amazon: from party decor to groceries, to random odds and ends around the house. So when someone mentioned to me that I should check out Amazon as a source of houseplants, I shouldn't have been caught off-guard, but I was. I have a bit of a plant obsession, I get excited every time I discover a new variety and have the terrible habit of putting them where they look best in the house, instead of where they will most likely survive/thrive. (Please tell me I'm not alone in this.) I've been known to scour multiple nurseries in search of something specific only to come up empty-handed, so the idea of being able to find exactly what I want at the click of a mouse is seriously appealing. 

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1. Boston Fern, Amazon, $21.98

2. Flowering Tillandsia, Amazon, $12.95

3. Split Leaf Philodendron, Amazon, $21.99

4. Blooming Bromeliad, Amazon, $29.21

5. Golden Pothos, Amazon, $1.99

6. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Amazon, $29.97

7. ZZ Plant, Amazon, $10.99

8. Snake Plant, Amazon, $24.55