The Fords Light Things Up With New Collaboration

The Fords Light Things Up With New Collaboration | Design Confetti

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the show Restored by the Fords- beginning with the fact that I think the name is a bit of a misnomer and I’m convinced they went with it anyway just because it rhymes. It should really be called, “Paint it ALL white, all the time.” but I digress. If you’ve ever found yourself tuning in to an episode or say binging on an entire season you know Leanne is all about the lighting, more specifically she loves a good factory light, the bigger, the better. Which is why when I spied the new Leanne Ford collection at Target it just made sense. The collection felt like her, clean and modern with a nod to the past in a subdued palette of white (duh), black and gold. While the show is still relatively new, landing a collaboration with Target so early is a pretty good indicator that whether you love, hate or love/hate the show it has staying power. Shop our favorite pieces from the collection below.

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