Crushing On: Moody Florals

Crushing On: Moody Florals | Design Confetti

While it's been around for a while, one trend that we love right now is dark, moody florals. Making their appearance on everything from wallpaper to gift wrap they are big on drama, a gorgeous way to introduce jewel tones and their richer, deeper tone feels just right this time of year with the shorter days and longer nights.

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1. Dark Botanical No.10 Print, by Kari Herer, $30

2. Oriental Palms Notebook, by Nikki Strange, $7

3. Microburst Wallet iPhone Case, Casetify,  $55

4. Moth Magic Giftwrap, Red Cap Cards, $5

5. Valencia Flat, Jeffery Campbell, $100

6. Floral Velvet Robe, Out from Under, $79

7. Dark Floral Wallpaper, by Ellie Cashman Design $85+

8. Victoria Floral Moody Fabric, Spoonflower, $10+

9. Painted Camellia Salad Plate, Marchesa by Lenox, $35