Test Lab: Curly Girl Method | Week Three, Two Steps Forward…

Test Lab: Curly Girl Method | Week Three, Two Steps Forward… | Design Confetti

Three weeks into this process, and I was feeling pretty good about things. I tried out multiple combinations of products and techniques, figured out what my fine hair did and did not love (heavy products and heavy-handed application) and was starting to see consistent results. Then Karl came along and spoiled everything.

For all of you, non-SF Natives, allow me to introduce you to Karl. He has a habit of lurking around and peeking over hilltops and frequently shows up uninvited right around dinner time. He has his own handle on Instagram. We love him even when we don’t… Karl the fog.

Karl rolled in with a vengeance one afternoon, and I had decided to give my hair “a break” from the routine that day, skipping out on product and throwing it up into a loose topknot. My usual, no style, style when I’m just hanging out with the kids. Which was fine, until the fog rolled in. Frizzy is an understatement for what my hair did. One factor complicating the timing of my curly girl journey is that I just went through a lovely period of postpartum hair loss, and it’s started to grow back in. Meaning there is a layer of baby hairs in a uniform length around my head. When the humidity swelled, so did my hair and all of those freshly sprouted baby hairs broke free into a fuzzy halo of baby curls. I was at a loss as my hair was already in my bad hair day “style,” so I rolled with it and just went about my day. The next day I washed and styled my hair with my usual products, and while it wasn’t quite the disaster of the previous day, it was definitely still very frizzy.

I did a bit of internet deep-diving and decided to eliminate the ingredient glycerine from my routine. It attracts moisture from the environment, and I found it was in virtually all of the products I had been using. I switched up my routine and low and behold, while I wouldn’t say it’s entirely frizz-free, it is definitely back on track.

Halo of Baby Hairs |  Buff ,  Spray Bottle , and a Microfiber Towel

Halo of Baby Hairs | Buff, Spray Bottle, and a Microfiber Towel

Another area that has been hit or miss for me that I think I’m finally starting to get a handle on is the “refresh.” For the first week or so of this process, I washed my hair frequently and either restyled it daily or just threw it up into a bun after the first day. My second-day hair was a matted mess, though to be fair, I wasn’t doing much to protect it, just loosely piling it on top of my head in a “pineapple” and calling it a night. Recently, I’ve experimented with sleeping with it in a buff style headband, going to bed with it still in the gel cast and spritzing it with water (with this game-changing spray bottle that creates a fine, even mist) in the morning. All of these have worked with varying degrees of success, but I’ve found my ends quickly start to feel dry, so I need to add some moisture back in by applying a little leave-in conditioner.

While I’m still figuring out what method works best for me, I’m at a point where I don’t feel the need to hop in the shower to “fix” my hair which is liberating and it sometimes looks even better on day two or three.

Next week will be week four and my final post on my month of the Curly Girl Method, you can find weeks one and two here and check back for some final thought and the results of this experiment next week,

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